Social Commitment

Unterstützung des Kinderhospizes Bärenherz, Spendenaktion von CargoLine

Be it transporting relief supplies to Romania or PCs to South Africa free of charge, supporting local associations with their youth development, sponsoring schools or funding regional charitable institutions – the CargoLine partners have been bringing the term “corporate social responsibility” to life for many years. As an alliance, CargoLine is also socially committed: since 2007, we have been sponsoring the Bärenherz Foundation for terminally ill children in Wiesbaden, which we support with donations. We also advertise for Bärenherz on our vehicles free of charge. Since 2016 we have also been committed to the children's and youth welfare organisation Die ARCHE in the form of free transport, truck advertising and Christmas campaigns.

Our social commitment also applies internally: we aim to be a fair and attractive employer for our employees, to whom they remain loyal and for whom they enjoy working. Among other things, we therefore provide on-going training and development in the form of classroom and e-learning seminars. These cover a wide range of specialist topics as well as those aimed at developing social skills. Every three years, we also ask our partner companies’ employees how satisfied they are with their employer and their colleagues in the CargoLine network, and where they believe action is required. From this, we identify appropriate action. Work- life balance options in the partner companies, flexible working hours and much more round off our employee development programme across our partner network.