Key Account Management: one contact person for all events

CargoLine offers a central key account management for consignors with complex requirements, several sites and/or large volumes. Clients thus stand to profit from:

  • one contact person representing all partners
  • uniform processes
  • centrally managed services (e.g. central invoicing, claim settlement)
  • customer liaison and support from the first contact to implementation and ongoing business

Since July 2021, Frank Weidenfeller has been serving the CargoLine headquarters as a key account manager. For the associated partners, he is no stranger – he was one of them himself from 1994 to 2016. In an interview with CargoTime, the experienced salesperson explains what he appreciates about the network and which developments he finds particularly exciting.

CargoTime: Mr Weidenfeller, why did you return to CargoLine?
Frank Weidenfeller: At the risk of it sounding like empty rhetoric, CargoLine is really something quite special – we often refer to it as “family”. The reasons for this are the many owner-managed companies, the managing directors who know the challenges of day-to-day business, a certain spirit of trust and the good relationships that the group fosters. It puts people first, and in an environment in which I feel very much at ease.
Has CargoLine changed?
As I see it, CargoLine’s ability to innovate has increased significantly. Globalisation, digitalisation, scarcity of resources, demographic change and not least environmental protection are issues that we face every day. The world is spinning ever faster – and we’re organised in such a way that we are able to keep up with the pace.
What are your responsibilities as a key account manager?
The tasks are highly varied. They range from inspecting, qualifying and coordinating enquiries to creating concepts for projects in the field of contract logistics through to maintaining existing business and expanding the scope of business. In addition, from our headquarters, we also support the partner companies in their tendering processes and thereby feel part of the bigger picture. To sum it up, it’s a colourful mix, no day is like the next.
You also worked in sales at Balter Logistics. How has the line of work changed in recent years?
There has been a further increase in anonymisation. Years ago already, larger companies began to rotate the contact persons in purchasing departments at steady intervals for the relationship with the service provider not to become too personal and thus for it to become more exchangeable. Tendering portals also play a major role: once the entry hurdles have been overcome, it’s often the price alone that matters. The auctions top this up a further notch – but, depending on the auction, we decline to participate in that.
What do you think is particularly important when dealing with customers?
To meet each other as equals and to treat each other fairly. My experience is that this usually pays off.
What three things do you especially like about your job?
First, the different people that I get to interact with. Second, our industry is constantly changing – it never gets boring. And third, the start-ups that we are launching under the umbrella of Cargo Digital World (CDW) are highly exciting and innovative. Instead of chasing after developments, we ourselves are developers – which is wonderful.
What do you hope for the future?
It shouldn’t need a pandemic to know that the logistics industry is systemically relevant. We have an essential role to play in terms of how the future pans out! The image that society and policymakers have of us must change accordingly. This is the only way to get more young people excited about this amazing industry.

Frank Weidenfeller …

worked for the former CargoLine shareholder Balter Logistics for 24 years, most recently as a member of the management board. After a detour into the construction industry, he returned to the cooperation in 2019, initially in an advisory capacity before taking over the key account management in July 2021. The 55-year-old also likes to be active in his private life. He comes up with all sorts of leisure activities to lure his teenage children away from their mobile phones, takes long walks with his dog, does sports on a regular basis, such as canoeing on the river Lahn, and enjoys rock music – live if at all possible.

Interested in talking to Frank Weidenfeller? Just call +49 69 951550-120 or email to

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