Information and network security

Lasting protection of all data and shipments thanks to an information security system according to s.a.f.e. and based on ISO 27001

In our digitized world a single power outage, a hard drive crash, a disgruntled employee, or a hacker can cause damage in the millions of euros. To permanently protect all data and ensure smooth shipments, the CargoLine partner companies, therefore, have implemented comprehensive and uniform information security measures based on the requirements of ISO/IEC standard 27001. As regards scope and depth they can be compared with safety measures in such sensitive fields as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. CargoLine was the first cargo network to work in compliance with this high standard.

The CargoLine partners are able to always ensure great information safety as well as high availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the required IT systems through measures such as

  • physical separation of the equivalent circuit from the main circuit
  • considerable increase in protection against viruses
  • refinement and partial outsourcing of data storage
  • generation of emergency scenarios
  • a permanent monitoring of the following processes: order entry and processing including disposition and generation of the documents, data communication with customers, partners, and suppliers, handling including warehouse scanning plus incoming and outgoing shipments. The monitoring includes the IT platforms required to accomplish this, storage and backup management, internal network infrastructure consisting of active network components and firewalls, the VPN connection to the data processing center in Niederaula as well as the monitoring and management that are required for handling the applications

Moreover, CargoLine is a member of s.a.f.e. This certificate is granted to businesses whose company grounds, office buildings, warehouses, and fallback systems satisfy specific security standards. These include the enclosure and video monitoring of the company premises, pedestrian access and means of transport controls, the collection of safety-relevant data such as documents concerning freight carriers and subcontractors, police clearance certificates of newly hired staff or damage and quality statistics, and much more. The state of the operation is inspected by certified auditors from SSD SAFE-Services Deutschland GmbH, an initiative of DSLV (Deutscher Speditions- und Logistikverband e.V. – Association of German Freight Forwarders and Logistics Operators).

S.A.F.E Certified
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