Quality management acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001

including contract logistics

In order to be able to guarantee the same high product quality at any time, CargoLine has not only had the distribution of shipments generally certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, but that is also to say loads of up to 2,500 kg within a period of 24-48 hours. Systemized part-load transports with a time guarantee, i.e. NightLinePlus, NightLine NextDay, NightLineEurope NextDay, and NightLineFix, have also been certified.

When carrying out the certification audits, therefore, an external examiner not only checked the usual interfaces for shipments but also the individual quality features. Several times a year, independent auditors as well as an in-house member of staff responsible for quality ensure that all partners are at all times keeping to the quality criteria laid down.

DIN EN ISO 9001 including contract logistics

Here you can see or download the certificate.

The latest addition to the quality certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is the area of contract logistics. A handbook provides the basis, on which typical basic contract logistics procedures are set out in a standardized form. This handbook has been supplemented by all partners with customer-specific procedures such as display construction, commissioning, fitting, quality testing, or other services. That way customers can rely on the fact that standards and quality are identical at different locations just like with a matrix organization, and that this can be tested by means of binding, written criteria.

The cooperation doesn’t stop there, though: Certification includes subcontractors, too, as these often cover the last mile of a consignment’s journey. That way the group ensures the same transport quality all the way right to the customer.

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