Internet Fraud

Gib Hackern keine Chance!

Online shoppers watch out!

Again and again Internet users think they have just made a really good bargain on craigslist, locanto, kijiji etc. They are then asked by the seller to transfer part of the sum in advance via the safe trade service of an apparent CargoLine partner. If they comply, that's the last they'll ever hear from the seller.

Mind you: If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't!

CargoLine does not offer any safe trade services at all and dissociates itself from the following and similar websites and the fraudulent services offered there!

  • Advanced Cargo Line (http://advanced-cargoline.com)
  • Alliance Logistics Group (http://www.alg-online.com)
  • CastleAir Agency (www.cst-air-ag.com)
  • CityLine (www.citylinegroup-kt.com)
  • Continental Group Consultants (http://contgroupconsult.com)
  • Country Express Shipping (www.cexs-frwd.com)
  • European Cargo (www.european-cargo.eu)
  • Euroship (www.euromanagementsarl.com)
  • Eurostar Management Group (http://eurostar-logistic.com)
  • Eurostar Management Group (https://www.eurostarmgroup.com)
  • Eurotrade Logistics Group (http://eurotradelg.com)
  • Eurotrade (https://www.eurotradegp.com)
  • Evergreen Logistics Consultants (http://www.evergreen-lg-grp.com)
  • Fastfreight Shipping (www.ff-spp-group.com)
  • Flytrans (http://fltr-group.com)
  • FastTrade Group (http://fasttradegp.com)
  • FreightHaul Agency (www.frt-hl-agency.com)
  • Frontline (http://frontlinemangroup.com)
  • Front Line Group (http://www.flgtrans.com)
  • LKW Logistics Group (http://lkwlogisticsgroup.eu)
  • LogisticsGroupRoyal (www.logisticsgrouproyal.eu)
  • LogisticsGroupRoyal (www.logisticsgrouproyal.eu)
  • Marinya Express (www.marinya-online.com)
  • New Event (www.neweventservgroup.com)
  • Natwest Logistic Group (www.natwestshipping.com)
  • Northtrade (http://northtrade-gp.com)
  • Paneuro Logistics Consultants (http://paneulog-grp.com)
  • Premier Freight Group (www.premierfr-group.com)
  • ProTrade Group (www.protradegr-kft.com)
  • RAG Redarrow Group (www.redarrowgr-kft.com)
  • RFL Royal Fleet Logistics Consultants (http://www.rylfleet-grp.com)
  • Royal Trotter Group (www.royaltrottergroup.eu)
  • ShipBrokers Group (www.shipbrokersgr-kft.com)
  • ShipBrokers Group (www.shipbrokersint.com)
  • Shipbrokers Management (http://shipbrokersmgt.com)
  • Starline Logistics Consultants (http://starline-grp-sav.com)
  • Starline Management Group (http://starlinemgroup.com)
  • Supreme Cargo Line (http://supremecargoline.com)
  • Total Group Consultants (http://totalgroupconsult.com)
  • Total Service Consultants (www.totalservicecons.com)
  • Tradebrokers (www.tradebrokers-kft.com)

Click onto the pictures to see some of the fraudulent sites in detail.