handling of dangerous goods

Tipps for shippers

Are you sometimes unsure about the handling of dangerous goods? Here are some tipps for shipping dangerous goods safely:

  • Label the outer packaging correctly and sufficiently
  • Provide safety data sheets
  • Do not paste anything over the danger label
  • Notify the shipment correctly
  • Do not hand over damaged packages
  • Always close screw caps correctly
  • Observe the ban on loading together
  • Adapt container packaging to the transport conditions
  • Create a proper bond between the container/goods and the load carrier
  • Make sure the load units are secured form-fittingly to prevent the freight from slipping
  • Inform the vehicle driver about the dangerous goods

Further obligations for shippers result from Chapter of the ADR and from § 21 of the Ordinance on the domestic and cross-border transport of dangerous goods (GGVSEB)

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