Our values and aims

Werte Ziele Nachhaltigkeit CargoLine

Giving it our all with passion

Reliability - High Performance - Partnership - Responsibility - Innovative Strength - Passion

There are many companies which have defined values for themselves. Often these are imposed "from the top" and solely used for image purposes.

CargoLine went a different route: the network included the employees of the partners in the discussion about values and the future strategic alignment. For two months they discussed the issues; nearly 3,000 index cards with opinions and suggestions were submitted and evaluated. The result:

  • In the opinion of the employees, reliability is the most important value. Decisive criteria in this respect are adherence to delivery dates, swiftness and good cooperation.
  • High performance is a value the CargoLiners associate mainly with competitiveness, good cooperation, customer focus and diligence.
  • A spirit of partnership is expressed in the network and amongst colleagues by teamwork as well as a respectful and trustful way of dealing with one another.
  • Responsibility is a requirement in dealings with colleagues, partner companies and customers. For the staff members this value signifies good cooperation, keeping service promises and customer focus.
  • Innovative strength is chiefly associated with product development and improved competitiveness by the CargoLiners.
  • Passion means being dedicated to offering the customers of the network the best possible logistics quality and reliability.

Including all staff members in the definition of the values was all the more important as they impact our behaviour for the long term. They thus also form the basis of our customers’ degree of satisfaction and of achieving our strategic goals. In the context of the discussion about values, the partners have formulated these as follows:

We want

  • secure and expand the stability of our logistics network for the long term.
  • advance the internationalisation process and expand the network by European equitable partners.
  • further develop and strengthen our corporate culture, which is made up of small and medium-sized companies.
  • retain and gain qualified employees.
  • develop and provide our customers with uniform products of great usefulness.
  • act in a sustainable way in terms of society, ecology and the economy.
  • achieve optimum cost efficiency while maintaining our high quality standards.
  • make the CargoLine brand even better known and more attractive.

This process is described in more detail in the following documents: