Continued training

Once you have started your working life, continued training is just as important as your initial training and education. After all, things keep developing in the field of logistics, too: international transports require good English language skills, the EU expansion requires solid intercultural skills, and whether you look at in-house processes or customs practices, more and more procedures are handled paperlessly and strictly electronically, etc. Plus there are such perennial issues as securing cargo and inventory and cross-docking checks.

Yet the allegedly simple issues that come up at work – how do I behave on the telephone so I will leave a positive impression of me and my company with the caller, how do I create a win-win situation during a sales pitch – require regular practice.

For this reason CargoLine has established its own academy which offers mandatory as well as voluntary training courses on the above issues as well as many more subjects for all levels of the company hierarchy. The training courses are conducted by experienced coaches and are usually held at the CargoLine Training Centre in Fulda, but sometimes on the premises of partner companies. In 2015 you can choose among 76 courses, 16 of which are brandnew.

Moreover, our staff members can conveniently take numerous courses such as product training as e-learning lessons in the office or at home at their PC. Between 800 and 900 employees take part in these attendance and online training courses per year.